Equestrian Coaching Qualifications

Please note EQL no longer accept registrations on UKCC Endorsed Certificates in Coaching qualifications.

Please contact the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) or your Member Body for further information.

The information below relates to EQL UKCC Endorsed Certificates in Coaching qualifications.

The British Equestrian Federation offer these qualifications, which have been developed on behalf of the United Kingdom Coaching Certificate (UKCC) National Source Group for Equestrianism. This group is known as the Coaching Development Action Team (CDAT) and comprises representatives of member body organisations of the BEF.

Find out more on Levels 1 to 3 here.

The UK Coaching Certificate is a four-level flexible learning system, which is based on the following key principles:

  • Being coach-centred
  • Linked to National Occupational Standards
  • Offering opportunities for progression
  • Featuring quality assurance systems
  • Being flexible to meet demands of sport
  • Being centrally co-ordinated and owned by sport
  • Built on existing good practice

The UKCC has been developed by Sports Coach UK under instruction from and funded by central Government. Its aim is to endorse coach education programmes, across sports within the UK, against agreed criteria that includes:

  • the endorsement of the coaching qualification taken by the coach
  • the development of appropriate resources to deliver effective and high quality coach education programmes
  • quality assured administration and management structure of coach education provision provided by sports
  • quality assured training provision of coach education programmes

The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) has created a unified Coaching Development Plan which builds on all that is good in teaching, instructing and training in the industry, while developing a modern, universally-respected Coaching Development system. The embracement of the UK Coaching Certificate is central to this development plan.